Private virtual tours of Prague

Dear travelers from all around the world, in uncertain times of worldwide covid-19 pandemic the international travel is at stand-still. There is almost no way to see other continents, countries, cities in person. ALMOST! Yet, for those, FOR YOU, with passion for travel there is a way to see places from your must see list without the need to leave your living room.

Martin Svasek
Private local tour guide
Virtual tours of Prague


  • Such a tour gives you the opportunity to see places without actually leaving your home.
  • You have your own guide at your disposal for a particular length of a tour.
  • The concept of a video tour is absolutely flexible.
  • You can choose any tour from my regular list of private tours in Prague, here:, or even day trips out of Prague, here:
  • You can also request a different tour wherever you want me to take you live.
Prague Castle - Vltava river view

How does it work?

  • First of all the client has to have a solid internet connection good enough for internet video calls to be able to enjoy the live tour with me.
  • You will be connected live over the internet to me – your private guide – via a personal video call from my smartphone to your smartphone or notebook or any other device that can receive a video call.
  • There are various communication apps that can be used to do that, but mostly it is Skype.
  • You will choose a suitable time of the video call/live tour.
  • I will walk with you virtually through Prague or any other city in Czech Republic.
  • I will be your eyes and ears.
Prague Old Town Square - Czech Republic - Bohemia

Tour duration

  • Such tours tend to be shorter than regular private tours as it is harder to keep focus looking for hours to a screen of a computer or notebook.
  • The suggested tour length is 1 hour.
  • If required the tour can be longer divided by breaks.
Astronomical clock Old town square Prague Czech republic Bohemia


  • 80 EUR per 1 hour of live tour
  • Rates of longer live tours upon request
  • There is no limit on number of participants.
Franz Kafka revolving head by sculpturer Cerny in Prague Czechia Bohemia Czech


Martin Svasek
tel: +420 608 261 237 (also Whatsapp)