Driver Guide Private Tours

Would you like to be driven in a car by me & guided by me at the same time on all of my private tours in Prague, in the Czech Republic or around the country in Central Europe? Would you like to be picked up by me with a car at an airport, a train station, a hotel or at any other location? I am able to arrange it for you.

Driver guide private services I can offer to my clients:

  • Choosing and booking a rental car with full insurance at our disposal for requested time.
  • Driver & guide in one person ready to show you around Prague, Czech Republic or Central Europe.
  • Driven & guided by me: All my city tours; All my multi-day tours; Arrival transfers from airports, train stations, bus terminals; Departure transfers from hotels, apartments, other locations; Other requested routes

Rates of private driven & guided tours: 

  • 40 EUR hourly rate
  • 140 EUR per 3-4 hour service
  • 210 EUR per 5-6 hour service
  • 260 EUR per 7-8 hour service
  • 300 EUR per 9-10 hour service

Terms & Conditions:

  • Rates for driver-guide assistance presented above are calculated per a driver-guide in one person only, including VAT and all charges.
  • Rates presented above do not include a rental car fee. Please check car rental fees on or other online car rental services.
  • Payment for driver-guide assistances in cash (accepted all major currencies) after the service or bank account payment prior to a service.
  • Rental car cost would be calculated upon request.
  • Payment for a rental car in cash after the service or a credit card payment (major cards) prior to the service to the car rental company.