Tour Manager

Besides tour guiding I also have a profound experince with tour managing. As a tour manager I accompany travelers on their tours to a wide variety of European destinations, especially Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia & Poland.

As a Tour Manager I offer my clients following private services:

  • design flexible tour itineraries to meet all their needs and interests
  • accompany them them travelling by coach, car, boat, train or plane
  • welcome them at their starting point (airport, train station, bus terminal, port) and announce details of travel arrangements and stop-over points
  • check tickets and other relevant documents, seat allocations and any special requirements
  • assistance with a hotel check-in
  • provide information on itineraries, destinations and culture
  • announce arrival and departure times at each destination
  • use professional knowledge (history, architecture, local culture, local cuisines) to answer all questions from to fulfil expectations of the tour
  • guide my travelers in all locations and stops of the trip
  • make sure all travel arrangements run according to plan and that accommodation, meals and service are satisfactory
  • organise entry to attractions (concerts, operas, museums, galleries, river cruises) and transport, such as car hire
  • book restaurants
  • advise about facilities, such as sights, restaurants and shops, at each destination
  • providepractical information, useful tips & support throughout the trip
  • make contact with all vendors and service providers
  • deal with emergencies (health issues, losses, contacting family members)
  • take care of health and diatery requirements

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